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Posted by on Oct 2, 2011 in Program & Events | 3 comments

Bricks & Mortar

If thought-provoking sessions are the bricks of ScienceOnline2012, then the mortar is the in-between time that holds it all together. So much happens in the hallways, in the evenings, during breaks, on tours, or over drinks.

In fact, those times are just as integral to the success of ScienceOnline2012 as anything else.

We take a lot of time (and input from you!) to make sure that the program’s schedule of sessions is the most interesting and productive that it can be. We want to do the same with the in-between time.

Last year, we had a successful Open Mic night and we’d like to make room for that to happen again. With our new venue, we have space for art exhibits, coffeehouse areas, and more. We have ideas percolating (anyone up for some Science of Beer or Science of Wine?), but we’d also like to hear from you. Leave your suggestions in the comments below.

With a little collaboration, I’m sure we can make the bricks and mortar of ScienceOnline2012 even better this year!

Ken Matsumoto’s "Bricks and Mortar"


  1. Hey Karyn,

    I was at a craft fair a couple of weekends ago and ran across “Trilobite Glassworks”. Their inventory is so unique and I believe fitting for the conference. In chatting with the proprietor, she has a brother who lives in Raleigh, so if you want to fill any hallway space with vendors, she might be a good one to recruit.

    Some related links:

  2. Karyn,

    I thought of another possibility. Last spring, my husband and I went to a Yuri’s Night Celebration. They had a collection of space-themed artwork on display, curated by a Jared Davis. I bet you’ll have plenty of leads for art exhibits in the hallway! If not, he might be a good contact. Some related links:

    Article on Yuri’s Night and the Art Display

    Jared Davis’s Site

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