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Posted by on Dec 1, 2011 in Program & Events | 43 comments

Time to Vote for Temporary Tattoo Designs!

NOTE: Voting is open again for a limited time! The squid is definitely a winner. Now we are letting the remaining designs duke it out for production rights! Place your votes now!

It’s time to vote! (Read here about the contest). Take a look at the temporary tattoo designs that have been submitted and choose your favorite. We’ll take the most popular and produce some temporary tattoos for the ScienceOnline2012 attendees who aren’t ready to take the permanent plunge!

NOTE: these are thumbnails and not actual size (some designs are actually larger, such as the squid). Click on thumbnail to embiggen.

Design 1: Coturnix Design 2: Cat Design 3: Copernicus
Design 4: Darwin Design 5: Pirate Squid Design 6: Citric Acid
Design 7: Scienceonlinenum


  1. Yo Ho Ho, and a bottle of ink.

  2. Pirate squid. Of course.
    It’s the only distinctive easily recognisable design, and cuddly at the same time!

  3. My noodly overlord commanded me to choose as PZ Myers would have me do–had to be the squid.

  4. I found the link on Pharyngula but I voted for the Citric Acid cuz I thought it was the coolest.

  5. For the glory of the cephalopods!

  6. my vote had ABSOLUTELY NOTHING to do with PeeZee.

  7. Cephalopoda in saecula saeculorum!!


  8. Yo Ho Ho and a bottle of squid ink!

  9. Even without PZ, come on, it is a pirate squid, it doesn’t get much cooler.

  10. I came with the intention of voting against PZed’s wishes, but all except the squid suck as a tattoo. OK, the citric acid was a very close second. I guess PZed really does have control of my mind. Minions FTW!

  11. PZ sent me but I voted for cat. They are all great (but not all immediately recognizable, as is the squid so I voted for something that has an actual message).

  12. PZ sent me here, but alas I must disappoint him. As much as I like Pirate Squid, I found that I actually prefer the Citric Acid Cycle.

  13. Sorry PZ, I just liked the cat better

  14. BLASPHEMY! Chemistry Cat is not telling a chemistry pun! In the face of such an egregious violation of meme integrity I was forced to vote for the pirate squid.

    Also I have informed the internet police. They informed me that after “chargin mah lazer” they would never give you up or let you down. Then they put me on hold where I listened to what was obviously the song of a feline/breakfast-tart hybrid.

  15. Blah blah blah PZ blah blah cephalopods blah blah noodly overlord blah.
    Oh, and cool idea to have temporary science tattoos in the first place–kudos to you!

  16. Cephalopods are superior! (and PZ made me do it)

  17. I came to vote for the squid…. but the kitteh won.

    KITTEH! With the science!

  18. PZ sent me … aw cute kitty. Sorry PZ, the internet’s full of cats.

  19. I couldn’t halp it. PZ made me do it.
    Ozy the cat overlord

  20. I was all ready to join in with the pharyngulation, but I really liked Scienceonlinenum an voted for it instead. Sorry Mr Squid.

  21. I’m sorry? Oh, _Captain_ Squid, is it? My apologies, Captain.

  22. Can’t you do a cat with tentacles?

  23. Hey, I wanted to vote for the pirate squid too…

  24. What? Voting is closed? I LIKE THE SQUID!

  25. While it’s true that no one likes a Troll, it’s also true that no one likes a poll that presents 7 choices yet only 6 options. Therefore, I must cast my vote for the one deleted: Design 5: Pirate Squid.

  26. Please read the note at the top! The voting for the squid is no longer necessary because we have already decided to produce it! We now need to decide which of the remaining designs to produce.

  27. The designs were well though out. Each appealing to a different intellectual and artisc interests. Each one with its own scientific content and appeal

  28. I don’t want a tatto of Copernicus, but I think I might want a photoshop of Me as Copernicus. That is some smooth thick curly hair he’s rocking. Afropernicus anyone?

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