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Posted by on Sep 19, 2012 in Conference, Local ScienceOnline Events | 2 comments

An update on ScienceOnline2013 registration

Over the years, the annual ScienceOnline conference has come to be known as a family reunion of sorts – “where old friends could shake hands for the first time”. It’s a diverse gathering of people with a shared and strong bond: exploring all the ways we can do, share and celebrate science on the Web.

Our family has been growing.

That’s why this year we were able to form a nonprofit organization, ScienceOnline, Inc., to support and sustain our collective activities.

On Twitter last night, Karyn welcomed Adelaide – that’s in Australia! – as the latest city with a group interested in forming a local ScienceOnline community.

Other cities that are already meeting regularly include Seattle, San Francisco, Los Angeles and Vancouver. They hold monthly meetups to network, share ideas and discuss timely science communication topics. Soon, Denver, San Diego, Chicago, Washington D.C., Austin, Copenhagen and others will join them. These local conversations are an exciting addition to the annual face-to-face confab and the ongoing online chatter that connects the global ScienceOnline community.

Not to make too fine a point here, but ScienceOnline is more than a three-day event in North Carolina each winter. It’s you, wherever you are and however you can connect with another. It’s us, all around the globe:

The ScienceOnline community tweets from all over the world! (Click to View Larger Map)
Many thanks to Comprendia for creating this map for us.


At the moment, of course, we’re in the midst of registration for ScienceOnline2013, our seventh annual conference, and if Monday’s rush for the first 100 open spots is any indication, ours is a family that more and more want to join. And yet, we need to keep the scope of the conference manageable so that our core value – conversation – doesn’t get overwhelmed. Hence, ScienceOnline2013 will have about 450 attendees. We are exploring a variety of ways – “Watch” parties, Google+ hangouts, video archive, and more – to allow even more of you to gain from the conference program. Stay tuned.

So, there are more than 450 who want to attend ScienceOnline2013, and that’s made for a slightly competitive atmosphere. Reminds me of how fierce the tennis matches are at the every-three-years Zuiker Jamboree.

Actually, the collective ScienceOnline enthusiasm for the conference has made this event an attractive one to attend – even some of my Zuiker (pronounced ZOO-ker) relatives are trying to get in! Everyone wants in on the conversation because everyone is welcome. The cool factor really comes because of the infectious desire to include more voices, more perspectives, more experiences. It’s a good problem to have, we think, even if it does lead to some falling-over-ourselves to get to the conference.


We are very sorry for the frustration felt by those who have tried to register during the open windows and were not able to access the registration form. Because of this, we are using a lottery system to distribute the remaining ScienceOnline2013 registration spots.

A special Lottery for Registration Page will have a FORM to sign up for a LOTTERY for Registration spots beginning at 11pm EDT, Fri Sept 21, 2012. The signup will remain open until Friday, Sept 28, 5pm EDT. Beginning at 5pm EDT, Sept 29, we will send out notifications and instructions to those who will be given the opportunity to register. Note: the lottery will guarantee a registration spot, but does NOT cover the registration fee. We anticipate 75 spaces to be available through the lottery.

Then, the waitlist will remain open until January 15, 2013. As conference seats come open, we’ll offer those seats as we can (not exactly in order, but close, since it depends on when you tell us a cut-off date for learning of a seat might be).

Next update

Watch this blog and Twitter for more updates, which will become more frequent as the conference nears.

Until then – and during and after – we encourage you to continue the conversations online and at a ScienceOnline local meetup near you.

The conversations continue in many overlapping communities. Read about the intersections and cross-pollination between ScienceOnline and SONYC (a science meetup in NYC supported by Nature) and the science conference in London here. NOTE: SONYC and SoLo will be changing their names from “Science Online” to a new name so that there is not confusion in the community. We are excited for their events, but they are not part of ScienceOnline.


  1. There is also Science Online NYC! SoNYC

  2. Thanks for the reminder, David. I’ve added a note to the post to reflect the good work that the New York and London groups – which have chosen to be independent from ScienceOnline – are doing.

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