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Posted by on Dec 18, 2013 in News, Projects |

Announcing: Open Lab 2013 Authors

ScienceOnline is pleased to announce the selections to be included in the Open Lab 2013 anthology of the best science writing online. Many thanks to Scott Huler (our tireless 2013 editor) and the team of volunteer judges who helped us narrow down the vast nominations. It was a hard task! Congratulations to each of these science writers!

The essays/posts will be published in ePublication format (teaming up with Atavist) and will be available early in 2013.

The next round of nominations for Open Lab will be a part of the process for the 2014 ScienceSeeker awards (read about the 2013 ScienceSeeker awards here). The nomination process and judging will take place in the Spring of 2014. Finalists for the ScienceSeeker awards will be included in the next edition of Open Lab. More information about the nomination process will be posted online and announced at ScienceOnline Together 2014 (in Raleigh, NC, Feb 27-Mar 1).

Shara Yurkiewicz
Plastic Lessons
This may hurt a bit

Amy Shira Teitel
The Cost of Curiosity
Vintage Space

David Aldridge
I’m a Marine Biologist, but…
Words in mOcean

Alistair Dove
On Common Names
Deep Sea News

Peter A. Lipson
Death Smells Like Vanilla
White Coat Underground

Cassie Rodenberg
Why K2 is Pimps’ Choice for Controlling Young Sex Workers
White Noise

Christina Thuerwachter
Your Graphic Health

Melanie Beth Tannenbaum
Are Your 9/11 Memories Real?

Seth Mnookin
Autism Vaccine Controversy
HuffPost Science

Ann-Marie Hodge
Menopausal Whales

Christie Wilcox
Are Lower Pesticide Residues a Good Reason to Buy Organic?
Science Sushi

Greg Gbur
Making Magnets Speak
Skulls in the Stars

Meera Lee Sethi
Lessons from Plants in Pain
Science Essayist

Digital Cuttlefish
Feathered Dinosaurs
Digital Cuttlefish

Chris Lee
Revisiting Why Incompetents Think They’re Awesome
Ars Technica

Blake Stacey
Is algebra necessary? Are you high?
Science after Sunclipse

Caroline Sober
Under the weather? Twitter knew over a week ago.
Promega Connections

Dr. Space Junk (Alice Gorman)
Valley of the Cable Ties
Space Age Archaeology

Danna Staaf
That Squid on Your Plate Could Inseminate Your Mouth
Squid a Day

David Dickerson/Joe Wierenga

Matthew Francis
If you Love a Flower Found on a Star
Galileo’s Pendulum

Emily Willingham
Motherhood, War, and Attachment: What Does It All Mean?
DoubleX Science

Matt Might
Hunting Down My Son’s Killer
Matt Might

Jason Goldman
Hyenas Give Up Eating Garbage for Lent, Hunt Donkeys Instead
The Thoughtful Animal

Emmett Duffy
Twilight of the Giants in Taxonomy
The Sea Monster

Aatish Bhatia
The crayola-fication of the world
Empirical Zeal

Craig McClain
How Presidential Elections Are impacted by a 100-Million-Year-Old Coastline
Deep Sea News

Deborah Blum
The Curious Case of the Poisoned Cows

Kristina Kilgrove
Lead Poisoning in Rome
Powered by Osteons

Kate Clancy
It’s Camping Season, Don’t Forget to Menstruate!
Context and Variation

Krystal D’Costa
Oracles Past and Present: Our Means of Managing Information
Anthropology in Practice

Veronique Greenwood
Naked Mole Rat Super Power #12
Discover Magazine blog

Maggie Koerth-Barker
The only good abortion is my abortion
Boing Boing

Jennifer Ouellette
Science of Mysteries
Cocktail Party Physics

Ilana Yurkiewicz
How Not to think like a doctor
Unofficial Prognosis

Colin Beale
Exercise like a lion
Safari Ecology

Richard Wrangham
Why Calorie Counts Are Wrong
The Crux

Jeanne Garbarino
Shmeat and Potatoes

Becky Crew
Pyura Chilensis: The closest thing to getting blood from a stone
Running Ponies

Cosma Shalizi
In Soviet, Problem Optimization Solves You
Crooked Timber

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