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#scio13 Information Central

Your one-stop list for where to find content from the ScienceOnline2013 conference.

Follow along with the deluge of information, commentary, videos, images and more.


We have a professional video production team broadcasting and recording the CONVERGE sessions and the sessions in Room 3. The CONVERGE sessions will always be available unrestricted to the public. You can watch them LIVE as they are broadcast, or check them out later in the archive.

For live broadcast of each CONVERGE session (Jan 31, Feb 1, Feb 2, 9:00-10:00am)

For archive of CONVERGE sessions (available shortly after the broadcast)

The Room 3 Moderated sessions are being broadcast and recorded but only the Watch Parties will be accessing them for now. We created Watch Parties to encourage people to get together, watch a discussion, and then continue the conversation with the people they gathered with. About 3 weeks after the conference, we will store the archive publicly so that it will be available to anyone.

NOTE: Watch Party organizers must login for access to the live discussion sessions

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