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ScienceOnline Teen is a conference for scientists, students, and teachers to experience how the Web is transforming the way we do, seek, explore, and communicate science.

The following video created by a Teen explains what sets us apart from other conferences.

Teens are talking about science in their schools and with their teachers.  There’s a place for them in the conversations that are happening online among science experts and science consumers.  ScienceOnline Teen is a bridge to that conversation. –Lali DeRosier, Teacher


ScienceOnline Teen… imagine a massive group of people that always felt like they couldn’t really contribute to the society they were part of, or didn’t even realize they could contribute.  Didn’t realize they had a voice.  Then imagine that one day, a stranger gives them a tool and said “here, use this, you have a voice now”, ScienceOnlineTeen is that stranger, the Internet is the tool.  Except it’s an unconference, so a really friendly, open stranger. -Erik, 18, blogger for @gamesmeetinfo

OMP_logo_brush_square2Science Online is probably the best conference in the history of the universe, and ScienceOnline Teen is basically the same thing except that you’ll be there! – Henry Reich, creator of MinutePhysics


As someone who draws science comics, I think learning is best done while giggling uncontrollably. I can’t wait to discuss the intersection of humor and science with the ScienceOnline Teen community. And it will be nice to laugh together in person, rather than exchanging “hahaha” tweets! –Katie McKissick, aka Beatrice the Biologist


This is a different conference than any you’ve ever been to before. ScienceOnline Teen is built around conversations, not presentations. If you’re a teen, you won’t be talked down to. Everyone at ScioTeen has a voice and plays an important role in the discussions that take place. -Stacy Baker, teacher and organizer of ScienceOnline Teen


The 2013 inaugural ScienceOnline Teen was a huge success! Thank you to everyone who participated!


Pre-Conference Media

Scientific American – What is ScienceOnline Teen?

National Resources Defense Council – How Science Storytelling is Shaping Future Generations of Scientists

Engineer Your Sound – ScienceOnline Teen: An Unconference and Eine etwas andere Wissenschaftskonferenz (German)

ConvergentEd – Practice Makes Perfect and ScienceOnlineGro: An Organic Neuralizer

Blog post by Samm, a teen on the planning committee – ScienceOnline Teen!

Post-Conference Media

Learnist Boards of all the sessions

YouTube video of our Google+ Hangout – interviews with Hilary Mason (keynote), teen planning committee, Charles Choi, Karyn Traphagen, and Bora Zivkovic

BrainPOP attends the ScienceOnline Teen unconference in New York City

DoubleXScience Jr – #ScioTeen wrap-up

Annuals of Space Time – Women in STEM @ ScienceOnline Teen

Storify – Women in STEM session

Storify – How Wild is NYC session

ScienceOnline Teen 2013 Conference Sessions

Scientists, science filmmakers, science writers, and media experts will be mingling with students and teachers. The goal of the conference is to build connections between students & teachers and the online scientific community and discuss how new media is changing the world of science. The conference is informal and based on conversations, not presentations. So participants will interact during the entire event.  Teens will moderate the sessions and ensure that the topics are teen-driven and teen-focused.

Click here to see the 2013 program!

Click here to see 2013 session leader biographies!


Swag and Prizes!!!

In addition to cool swag that every participant received, we gave away some awesome prizes. The CEO of Betaworks, John Borthwick, gave away THREE week-long internships to his social media companies ( and Tweetdeck).



All students and teachers received free Metro Cards courtesy of Nature Education.

2013 Sponsors





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Questions? Contact ScioTeen Organizer, Stacy Baker, at

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