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Style Guide

This page contains links to logo files, fonts and other tools for customizing the ScienceOnline brand for local, regional and special use, per the ScienceOnline community guidelines.

Please contact Karyn Traphagen for assistance with the styleguide and customization of the logo and brand.

The ScienceOnline name has come to symbolize inclusive conversation about science, and fun, inspiring, enlightening conversations at that!

Consistent branding reduces confusion and helps us all publicize and promote our activities, thereby bringing more voices to the conversation. By seeking out the ScienceOnline name, science-minded people can find local events and communities that share our respected core values.

Organizers of ScienceOnline events, activities and groups agree to align with the ScienceOnline brand by following these style guidelines:

  • Use the common naming format: ScienceOnlineCityName (one word)
  • Use the logo and branding colors of ScienceOnline


  • ScienceOnline logo for web use
  • ScienceOnline molecule
  • Adobe Illustrator file (for modification to add local name). Right click on the link to download.


ScienceOnline orange is

  • RGB  241-96-33
  • #F16021
  • CMYK 0-77-100-0


For “city” or “geographic area” to add onto logo in Illustrator, please use Swiss911 Cm BT (Regular).

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